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Homeschool News- January 31, 2018

Why parents of children with autism are opting for homeschooling

ABC Online

Eleven-year-old Charlotte Dainton and her nine-year-old brother Joseph are obsessed with iPads, miniature golf and cartwheels. They also have speech and developmental problems stemming from autism and both struggled in mainstream education. Their mother, Sonya Dainton, is now among a …

Parents not compelled to register home-schooled children

BBC News

Parents who home-school children will not have to put them on a compulsory register, despite calls for one to be created after a child died in 2011. Councils will instead have to create a database to identify children not on a school register under plans to revamp home education. Education Secretary …

Chinese classes offered to home-schooled students

The Republic

A Columbus East High School senior will teach basic Chinese to home-schooled students as her senior project. Whitley Eicher will begin teaching basic Chinese for five weeks beginning Monday for ages 8 and up from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at The Community Church of Columbus, 3850 N. Marr Road.

EDITORIAL – Time to punt on Tebow Bill

The Daily Progress

For the ninth year in a row, 58th District House of Delegates member Rob Bell, whose district includes Greene County, has seen some sort of his “Tebow Bill” fumbled before it reached the goal line. Although some version of the bill, which would allow home-schooled students to take part in …

Virginia’s ‘Tebow bill’ defeated by education committee

Chicago Tribune

The bill would have also allowed home-schooled students to participate in other interscholastic programs. The issue became well known because of former NFL and University of Florida football player Tim Tebow who had been allowed to play the sport at a public Florida high school despite being …

Free Expo offers options in K-12 and Christian college education

The Pathway

These seminars include a panel discussion of parents who have used homeschooling, private education and a combination of the two options. Another popular seminar helps high school students and parents navigate applying for college financial aid. The 2018 Christian Education Expo is produced by …

When My Mom Needed Help Raising My Baby Sister, I Volunteered

Youth Radio

Later, I started having bullying issues at school, so I switched to home schooling, and that’s when raising Savannah became a full time thing for me. Savannah and I are both home schooled. So when we get up, I cook her breakfast, get her ready, then start with school. I’m basically her teacher. It’s a lot of …

NFC Academy Providing Fully Accredited, Value Based Programs Nationally


(MENAFN Editorial) NFC Academy, an accredited homeschooling private school based in Tallahassee, offering fully accredited, value-based homeschooling programs from … As Christian values run deep in NFC Academy, the homeschooling programs have a profound influence of Christian education.

Homeschool Student Mateusz Wojnarowicz, 12, donates/leads kids art project at Charleston Moves …

Moultrie News

Mateusz Wojnarowicz, 12 year old student at Mateusz Wojnarowicz International Homeschool in Downtown Charleston SC, distributes informational give-aways from Home School Legal Defense Association, Charleston Museum Homeschool Program, The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability …

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