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Homeschooling News – November 29, 2018

Podcast: A Homeschooling Mom Shares Why, and How

Daily Signal

Where do you begin if you’re thinking about homeschooling? Can you do it if you’re not a teacher? And how can you make sure your kids get enough …

School Board to Revisit Homeschool Stance After Backlash Prompted by Misinformation

Loudoun Now

Misinformation about one of the School Board’s legislative priorities has drawn backlash from Loudoun’s homeschool community, prompting board …

Montclair schools debate whether to allow homeschooled children to play sports

Montclair Local

Currently, Montclair’s athletics participation policy does not allow homeschooled students to play sports in the public schools. Board member Priscilla …

Fiery educators doused with ‘little bit of info’


Even though they’d filled out the necessary paperwork, parents who wanted to pull their daughter out of public school to homeschool her were …

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